Best Cordless Hammer Drills for Concrete in 2023

best drills for concrete

When it comes to tackling the toughest DIY jobs around the home, having access to the right tools can be essential. The right drill can make all the difference to the ease and speed in which the job gets done. For those looking to take on more heavy-duty projects, a cordless hammer drill for concrete is the way to go.

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the five best cordless hammer drills for concrete in 2022. We’ll be considering the cost and quality of each drill, as well as the features and specs of each model. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of cordless hammer drills and what to look for when making your decision. At the end of this post, you should be armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision about which cordless hammer drill for concrete is best for you.


1. DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill

The DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill is ideal for serious DIYers and professionals who need maximum power and performance when drilling into concrete. It features an ultra-efficient brushless motor that delivers up to 2,250 RPM, a heavy-duty 1/2″ ratcheting chuck, and an impressive hammer mode that can deliver up to 34,000 BPM.

best drills for concrete

You’ll also appreciate the 3-speed settings, which enable you to customize your drilling needs. Plus, the 20V MAX Lithium Ion battery provides plenty of power, and the ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during extended use.

2. Makita XPH102 Hammer Drill

The Makita XPH102 Hammer Drill is one of the best cordless hammer drills for concrete in 2022, and it’s easy to see why. This hammer drill is lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle in tight spaces and corners. It has an ergonomic design and rubberized grip, making it comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

best drills for concrete

The XPH102 offers two speeds for a variety of applications and has a variable speed trigger for maximum control. It also features an LED light to illuminate work surfaces and a built-in torque limiter to prevent overloading. Combine all these features, and you have an incredibly powerful and reliable cordless hammer drill.

3. Bosch HDH181X Hammer Drill

The Bosch HDH181X Hammer Drill is a great option if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable cordless hammer drill for concrete. This versatile tool is designed for the toughest of drilling jobs – from drilling through concrete to wood and metal.

best drills for concrete

It is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery and has a two-speed gearbox and 20+1 clutch settings that provide greater control and more accuracy. It also has a brushless motor that ensures maximum performance and longer run time. Additionally, it has an LED light that illuminates the work area and a comfortable ergonomic handle for increased comfort.

4. Hitachi WH18DBDL2 Hammer Drill

The Hitachi WH18DBDL2 Cordless Hammer Drill is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a powerful, efficient tool for drilling into concrete or block. It features a brushless motor that delivers up to 1,800 RPM, along with a three-speed selector that makes it easy to adjust the speed to the material you’re working with.

best drills for concreteThe WH18DBDL2 also has a compact design, so it’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It also has a built-in LED light that makes it easier to work in dark areas. In addition, it comes with two 2.0 Ah batteries and a built-in battery indicator light. Overall, the Hitachi WH18DBDL2 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful, efficient cordless hammer drill for concrete and block.

5. Milwaukee 2704-20 Hammer Drill

The Milwaukee 2704-20 Hammer Drill is a powerful and reliable drill designed for drilling through concrete and other hard materials. With a 3-speed metal gearbox and a ½” all-metal ratcheting chuck, 2704-20 provides superior performance and durability. best drills for concrete

The Extreme 4-Mode Electronic Control allows you to switch between Hammer Drill, Drill, Hammer Only, and Rotary Only modes to provide the right power for the job. The metal gearbox and all-metal ratcheting chuck are built with an all-metal housing for superior durability. The drill also features an LED light to illuminate dark work areas. With its superior performance and durability, the Milwaukee 2704-20 Hammer Drill is an excellent choice for tackling tough jobs.


In conclusion, the cordless hammer drills featured in this article are some of the best on the market for concrete drilling in 2022. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a weekend DIYer, these powerful tools offer the perfect balance of portability, performance, and convenience. With variable speeds and adjustable torque settings, you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, no matter the task. Plus, you’ll enjoy the freedom of working without the worry of being tethered to a power outlet.

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